USB Audio Book – “Faith Behind the Iron Curtain”

Get the book “Faith Behind the Iron Curtain” as an audio book on this USB drive. The author, Ingolf Schmidt, reads his book on this audio version of the book.


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Pastor Ingolf Schmidt has produced his first book in English called “Faith Behind the Iron Curtain.”

Over the last few years, Pastor Ingolf Schmidt has written a book about his experiences pastoring an underground church. His church started during the East German Communist rule. The churches went through many different experiences during this time, and even though the government tried to stop the church, they never could because of how God protected them.

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Rev. Mark T. Barclay, PHD • Midland, MI

“What a faith-building book this is!”
Dr. Louis Brock • Tucson, AZ

“An extremely inspiring book”
Walter Hallam MS Divinity • La Marque, TX


Manuscript Reviews:

“I pray every person you know will have an opportunity to read this book. I highly recommend this absolutely life-changing new book by Dr. Ingolf Schmidt”
Mark T. Barclay
Preacher of Righteousness – Pastor of Living Word Church • Midland, MI

“What a faith building book this is…”
Dr. Louise Brock
Pastor of Faith Family Church • Tucson, AZ